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PSA: don’t have your fantasy drafts too early!

Aaron Rodgers (and fantasy managers) lost Jordy Nelson, to a torn ACL.

Is it our imaginations, or have there been a LOT of injuries this preseason? You could build a strong fantasy team just using the folks who’ve been felled during training camp. In Houston Texans‘ camp, Arian Foster injured his groin, requiring surgery with no timetable for his return. Meanwhile, three high-profile quarterbacks, all looking to rebound from disappointing seasons, suffered injuries. The most serious was the broken jaw of New York Jets‘ QB Geno Smith, who’ll be out for at least several weeks after being slugged in his own locker room by a marginal player. In Washington, Robert Griffin III was knocked around like a human pinata in a training camp game against the Detroit Lions, leaving after four tough drives with a diagnosed concussion. His team’s downplaying the severity of the injury for now, but his status is still up in the air for that among other reasons. Valuable Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey is set to have surgery after injuring his ankle, and New York Giants‘ slot receiver Victor Cruz has a calf injury that has coach Tom Coughlin concerned. And on top of everything else, the Green Bay Packers‘ elite wide receiver Jordy Nelson has been lost for the season with a blown ACL.

Fantasy football managers far and wide have crossed their fingers every week, hoping one of their key players won’t be the next big name to be lost for the season. If you’re a fantasy football commissioner, our advice to you is: put off the draft for as long as you can! Especially if you’re in a 12-or-14-team league, where the waiver wire is already a bit thin…do your managers a favor and give them a chance to start the season with a healthy team.

Which preseason injury do you think is the most devastating to fantasy owners and real-life NFL teams? Who do you think will be the big sleeper that steps up in the absence of a fallen superstar? What’s your backup plan or fallback strategy? Hit us up @Brackethead on Twitter and tell us what you think. You can also us #FanCrazy photos and make bold predictions on our Facebook wall. If you really want to show your stuff and win stuff while you support your team, head to and download the app!

May the brackets always bust in your favor,

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NFL training camp has been crazy!

NFL training camp always provides storylines, but it seems like this one’s been more action-packed than usual. There have been brawls, tons of key players injured, and controversies all over the league. Let’s go over a few of the more interesting storylines so far.

Arian Foster’s surgery

Arian Foster has been one of the most productive and intriguing running backs of the past few years. In a recent interview, he finally openly outlined why he doesn’t believe in God, and how alienating this position can make him feel at times. The Houston Texans were hoping for a healthy Foster this season, as they’ve upgraded their defense and look poised to make a serious push into contention. Unfortunately, he injured his groin in early August, and it was soon revealed that his injury would require surgery. Some reports suggest he’ll be able to return by the second half of the season, but this is still a big blow to the Texans’ 2015-16 hopes. Alfred Blue can look forward to a lot of chances to prove his flashes from last year weren’t a fluke.

Johnny Manziel is trying to reinvent himself. Will it work?

Johnny Manziel’s return

Ladies and gentlemen, Johnny Football is trying to play himself back onto the football map. After early reports that he looked unprepared and rusty in training camp, Manziel showed flashes of brilliance and performed well in a preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. He went 10 for 18 with 118 yards and a 94.2 QBR rating, throwing a touchdown and protecting the football against an aggressive Bills defense. He even had a couple of signature Houdini moments, including a scrambling recovery for a downfield completion on the Browns’ attempt at a walkoff drive–that was called back because of an illegal man downfield. EJ Manuel led the Bills on an impressive last-minute drive that held up for an 11-10 victory, but Browns fans might have cause for encouragement at Manziel’s performance last night. He seems to he trying to keep a lower profile lately, eschewing the famous money sign and saying the right things more often. It remains to be seen whether he’ll make a full readjustment to the NFL, though.

Geno Smith’s jaw

Just when you thought it was safe to be a New York Jets fan…Gang Green’s quarterback, Geno Smith, has a broken jaw. Though reports on the incident vary, what’s known is that Geno’s jaw was broken in an altercation with Ike Enemkpali, a fringe player who clocked his QB over a $600 plane ticket. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall contradicted reports that Geno has instigated the fight, but after his surgery Geno found himself in controversy yet again–when he disobeyed his management and doctor’s instruction to avoid physical activity. Now, all he did was play catch with a young fan in the parking lot, and as we here at FanCheer are all about the fan, that doesn’t seem too bad! But opinions have varied on his decision to ignore doctor’s orders in this way, and we have to admit, there are safer ways to spend your time just days after having your jaw wired shut. Journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like the next man up behind center for the Jets, and with the season around the corner, Jet fans have their fingers crossed.

RGIII’s concussion

Robert Griffin III has had his share of controversial attention this preseason, as when he was recently quoted (though one might say liberties were taken with the context of his statements) as saying he considers himself the best quarterback in the league. speculation still abounds regarding his candidacy for a long-term career as a starting NFL QB. His hopes took a big blow against the aggressive front four of the Detroit Lions last night, as RG3 spent four drives getting pummeled and eventually left with a concussion. Some observers, including at least one former player, questioned Washington’s decision to keep rolling him out there to take such punishment. One thing’s for sure: he’s now under the NFL’s concussion protocol, and his NFL future is even more uncertain.

Brawls galore

NFL training camp is no stranger to on-field scuffling, but this year seems particularly feisty. Teams are going at each other during shared practice sessions, and there’s even talk of no longer having these sessions because of the danger of injury. For example, Dallas Cowboys fans must have gulped a bit when Dez Bryant took a haymaker square to the face this week, as the Cowboys and Saint Louis Rams got into it on the field. Luckily, the NFL season is getting closer and closer and shared practices will turn into real live NFL action!

There are tons more storylines developing in the NFL, including shifting fantasy rankings and the ongoing Deflategate sage. Which one do you think is most captivating? How will these various dramas turn out? Hit us up @Brackethead on Twitter and tell us what you think. You can also us #FanCrazy photos and make bold predictions on our Facebook wall. If you really want to show your stuff and win stuff while you support your team, head to and download the app!

May the brackets always bust in your favor,

Brackethead & the folks at FanCheer


Football is coming!

It still feels like the dog days of summer, sports fans, but football season is already upon us! Quarterback controversies are brewing, roster spots are being fought for (literally in some places), and speculation about the 2015 NFL season has already begun.

Deflate & Brady’s fate are the leading story this offseason.

In the Philadelphia Eagles‘ training camp, they just can’t seem to shake controversy. More former players are questioning how coach Chip Kelly manages his personnel, and nobody has any idea how his mad-scientist college program will translate into the NFL. People are still calling the Eagles Oregon-lite, and with the NFC East in flux, the door is open for Chip’s Eagles to make a charge. The problem is the quarterback situation: The Eagles are discussing extending the contract of QB Sam Bradford, and it remains to be seen if he’s a bona-fide NFL signal caller. The other two QBs on the roster are Tim Tebow and the up & down Mark Sanchez. Another thing that might give Eagles fans pause: the past six running backs to carried the ball 390 times in a season failed to rush for 1000 yards the next year. Is DeMarco Murray due for a down year?

In Dallas, they’re scuffling among themselves on the field. This kind of thing happens from time to time, but here’s what’s different: ownership isn’t just tacitly endorsing it, they’re openly promoting it! Cowboys owner and mega-mogul Jerry Jones expressed pleasure at seeing wideout Dez Bryant mix it up with a teammate mid-play. Dez threw a pretty serious looking haymaker, but things never got too ugly. Trying to get out in front of the story (we guess?), the Cowboys posted the scuffle on their own official social media!

Elsewhere around the league, Cleveland Browns ownership says they ‘haven’t given up’ on QB Johnny Manziel despite the fact that he struggled early in camp and some observers thought he looked ill-prepared. For the Tennessee Titans, rookie QB Marcus Mariota reportedly looks ‘sharp’ so far. This seems in line with projections that he’s already ready for the pros.

Out west, the Seattle Seahawks dealt with their own personnel issues, as they haggled for a while with Super Bowl-winning QB Russell Wilson and safety Kam Chancellor continues to hold out.

And the biggest story of the offseason continues to be the Deflategate saga in New England. Quarterback Tom Brady‘s four-game suspension has been upheld–for now–and speculation abounds regarding balance of power, the appeal process, and what the Patriots will do if they lose their leader for a quarter of a season.

What do you think the biggest story of training camp is so far? Will Brady win his appeal, and if not, are the Patriots up a creek? Who will be this year’s biggest breakouts and busts? Hit us up @Brackethead on Twitter and tell us what you think. You can also us #FanCrazy photos and make bold predictions on our Facebook wall. If you really want to show your stuff and win stuff while you support your team, head to and download the app!

May the brackets always bust in your favor,

Brackethead & the folks at FanCheer