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Brees joins the 400 club

Week four in the NFL is behind us, football fans, and as usual there were interesting storylines from coast to coast. This week wasn’t an injury-fest like week 3, so let’s start with the record-breaker. Drew Brees was the second quarterback in two weeks to join the 400-touchdown club, and he did it in spectacular fashion! His first touchdown pass of the game was TD number 399, and it put him in another elite QB club with 5,000 NFL completions. Number 400 was a real doosy: an 80-yard bomb to running back C.J. Spiller up the sideline, for a walkoff win in overtime! Even better, he did it in prime time, in the nationally televised Sunday Night Football game!

Drew Brees and CJ Spiller celebrate touchdown no. 400!

The NFL Sunday began earlier than usual this week, as the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins played at 9:30am EST in London, England. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick set the tone on the first drive, with a long completion to Brandon Marshall, and the Jets never looked back. They dominated the fins for most of the game, coming away with a 27-14 victory.

The day also saw two games go to overtime. The Indianapolis Colts, without the services of QB Andrew Luck, outlasted the Jacksonville Jaguars 16-13. And in the Thursday night game, former Jaguar Josh Scobee had a rough day. He missed two tough but makeable field goals down the stretch, and the Baltimore Ravens beat Michael Vick and the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-20 in Pittsburgh. Worse still for the veteran kicker, the Steelers promptly released him. Kind of a rough deal for a guy with a long and solid career like Scobee, but the Steelers were really upset about that win slipping away.

In Chicago, quarterback Jay Cutler returned to action to lead the Chicago Bears, who beat the Oakland Raiders 22-20. The 4pm lineup saw a bunch of close games, with the Minnesota Vikings losing 23-20 to the Denver Broncos and the St. Louis Rams surprising the Arizona Cardinals 24-22. Adrian Peterson sprung a lengthy touchdown for the Vikings, but Peyton Manning and the Broncos held on. Carson Palmer and the Cardinals struggled against the Rams’ stout defense, but they, too, held on at the end. Also in the 4 O’Clock time slot, the San Diego Chargers survived a flurry by Josh McCown and the Cleveland Browns, and the Monday night game will be remembered for a while, but not for good reasons. The Seattle Seahawks were holding on to a late-game lead against the Detroit Lions, who drove down into the red zone with time winding down. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson caught a pass inside the five yard line, and lunged for the end zone with the ball tucked–or so he thought. Cam Chancellor punched the ball out of Megatron’s grasp, and the ball bounced toward the back of the end zone–where K.J. Wright appeared to very deliberately bat the ball out the back of the end zone. This should have been a penalty and Lions ball inside the one yard line, but instead it was ruled a game-winning touchback and the Seahawks held on for a 13-10 victory! Controversy ensued almost immediately, and everyone was reminded of the infamous “touchception” play that gave the Seahawks another prime-time win under questionable circumstances.

What do you think of the latest infamous non-call to decide a Seahawks game? Who do you think will be the next to join the 400-touchdown club? Hit us up @Brackethead on Twitter and tell us what you think. If you really want to show your stuff and win stuff while you support your team, head to and download the app to Play, Shout and Win!

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Gronk doin’ Gronk things

Football fans, the day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: the NFL season has begun! It kicked off with the nationally televised Thursday Night Football broadcast, in which defending champions New England Patriots hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers. The night kicked off with a big celebration, with CEO Robert Kraft taking the field and the Pats’ faithful sporting an air of defiance after the latest Deflategate developments. At one point they even chanted “where is Roger?” in reference to widely criticized NFL commissioner Roger Goodell!

When the game kicked off, Tom Brady and the Patriots looked in mid-season form. They marched it up and down the field smoothly, and Brady’s timing with slasher Julian Edelman already looked crisp.

And then there was Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski, one of the most indefensible tight ends in history, had himself a day. His first of two touchdowns was classic Gronk, as he caught a ball near the sideline and broke a few tackles before rumbling to the end zone. His second was a simple route toward the back of the end zone, finishing with a perfect drop-in throw by Brady. Gronk’s third score was another red zone special, completing the hat trick and giving Brady his fourth TD pass of the game. When it all was said and done, Gronk had 94 yards on only five receptions, for three touchdowns and three HUGE spikes in the end zone. Edelman finished with 97 yards on eleven catches, and Brady went 25-32 for 288 yards and four touchdowns. Bill Belichick‘s crew handled their opponents from wire to wire, despite some solid looking numbers from the Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger threw for 351 yards, Antonio Brown had nine catches for 133 yards and a score, and DeAngelo Williams silenced his doubters with 127 rushing yards.

Is Gronk the most unstobbable red zone force in the NFL?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Patriots game without controversy. In yet another example of New England opponents facing unexpected hazards, the Steelers’ headsets reportedly malfunctioned for most of the first half. And guess what they were listening to: the Patriots’ radio broadcast. The Pittsburgh coaching staff was, as you would expect, none too pleased. And as teams and players around the league nodded sympathetically, Steelers fans were left to speculate whether this was yet another instance of the Patriots bending the rules. The NFL released a statement to the effect that the matter was under full investigation, and Pats Nation celebrated a 1-0 start.

Where do you stand on the “dirty tricks” allegations against Belichick & crew? Do you think they stand a chance of making another title run? Is Gronk the most unstoppable red zone force in the NFL? As always, Hit us up @Brackethead on Twitter and tell us what you think. If you really want to show your stuff and win stuff while you support your team, head to and download the app to Play, Shout and Win!

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