In case you missed it, two of the NBA’s biggest legends are going at each other on social media. It all began when Shaquille O’Neal went on Instagram and declared that a team of all-time Los Angeles Lakers greats would be a team of all-time Chicago Bulls greats by–wait for it–fifty points. Scottie Pippen took to Instagram himself, pointing out that his Bulls teams had won a total of six rings–“twice the amount you claimed while in LA.

I believe the saying is, shots fired!

Shaq fired back again, using the bold hashtag “youwereok and saying “Steve Kerr and Ron Harper deserve more credit than you , remember I WAS BATMAN YOU WAS ROBIN , I was PUFFY YOU WAS MASE…”


So Scottie took it back to the big guy, of course, by pointing out one of Shaq’s most notorious deficiencies as a player: “if only you were as good at free throws as you are talking smack!” He then posted shots of Shaq next to Penny Hardaway, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James. The caption? “Speaking of being a sidekick… if I recall correctly you know a thing or two about that as well.”


They went back and forth some more, until Scottie tried to mic-drop it: “Game over. All that’s ever mattered to me is winning and we did plenty of that in Chicago…” Turns out, though, that it wasn’t quite over yet.

Shaq posted the following: “THE GREAT MICHAEL JORDAN GOT YOU SIX RINGS , but you will always be remembered as MR 2nd FIDDLE. SECOND BEHIND HIM AND SECOND BEHIND ME. GAME AINT OVER TIL I SAY SO. stay in yo place. 6 time nba CHUMPION”…and the general consensus was that he thereby won the beef.

What do you think? Will Shaq and Kobe keep it popping or is this beef over? Who do you think won this Instagram battle of aging stars (if you can say either of them won this kind of thing, really), and whose side are you on? Hit us up @Brackethead on Twitter and tell us what you think. You can also us #FanCrazy photos and make bold predictions on our Facebook wall. If you really want to show your stuff and win stuff while you support your team, head to and download the app!

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