So it seems this is the week of the buzzer-beater in the NBA playoffs.

First, Derrick Rose banks in a tie-game, buzzer-beating three to win a Game Three for the Chicago Bulls. When asked, “did you call bank?” he cooly said he hadn’t. The entire NBA world is super psyched to see D-Rose back in action. Even if you’re not a Bulls fan, it’s hard to deny that he’s one of the game’s most exciting players, and his injury troubles have deprived hoops fans of a living legend. Furthermore, Rose is one of the most unguardable point guards since Allen Iverson when he’s healthy, and the Bulls have one of the league’s largest and most excited fan bases. When D-Rose is back to doing D-Rose things, it’s good for the game!

The VERY NEXT DAY, early on a Saturday evening, the man known as The Truth might have one-upped his younger contemporary. Down 20 points with seven minutes to go in Game Three against the Washington Wizards, the Atlanta Hawks came all the way back to tie it with fourteen seconds left. With the score 101-101, the Wizards got the ball to Paul Pierce. Pierce dribbled out the clock and hit a buzzer-beating fadeaway off the glass to win it! “You can’t handle the truth” memes popped up all over the place, and it got even better. In the on-court postgame interview, Pierce was also asked if he called glass. After a pause, he firmly replied: “I called GAME.”

Mic drop.

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May the brackets always bust in your favor,

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