This bit of ridiculousness added to Curry’s already legendary status.

Okay, it’s official: the NBA playoffs are heating up. It looked for a little while like the early-round series might be a bunch of clunkers, the San Antonio Spurs bounced back from an ugly loss with a comeback win in which they lost both Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili! Parker was lost to an achilles injury, and his return for the next game is questionable. Manu fouled out in what looked like a miscalculation, as part of the Spurs’ hack-a-DeAndre tactics that almost backfired. The venerable Tim Duncan showed he’s still got playoff mojo: after getting blocked by DeAndre Jordan down the stretch, he responded with a couple of clutch rebounds and beautiful post moves to remind the youngster not to sleep on the best power forward in history. And the Spurs continued their tradition of bouncing back from game-one losses, giving pause to the folks who year after year declare them out to pasture.

Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors…well, they showed why there’s the top see in the West. In case you slept under a rock for the entire NBA season, this just in: Stephen Curry is a bad, bad, basketball dude. The Warriors became just the third team in NBA history to come back from a 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter in the playoffs! They did it with hustle, rebounding at both ends of the floor, ball distribution, and some clutch scoring down the stretch by Splash Brother Klay Thompson. Then, when it came down to it, with the clock winding down, Splash Brother Curry hit a shot for the ages. As three defenders not only closed on him, but sandblasted him into the next county, Steph nailed a three from the corner to tie the game with just seconds left! This followed an initial miss, and a fantastic running rebound & kickout by Marreese Speights. Dub nation went berzerk, as did fans and announcers nationwide! The Warriors hung on to win decisively in overtime, and the Pelicans went home dazed.

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