First, the Eagles traded away their two biggest stars. Then they picked up seemingly anyone who ever had worn an Oregon Ducks jersey. Then they snagged Miles Austin, the high-upside wideout whose periodic disappearances have frustrated real-life fans and fantasy owners alike. And then…

They signed Tim Tebow. A month after signing Mark Sanchez.


So has Chip Kelly gone crazy?

There are all kinds of theories as to why this signing happened. For one, the Eagles have struggled in short-yardage situations, despite their sometimes gaudy rushing numbers. There’s also the fact that for the most part, Tebow has a history of winning most of the places he’s suited up as a football player. Detractors point out Tebow’s slow release, trouble reading defenses, and awful history being part of the same depth chart as Sanchez, as evidence of the Eagles’ folly. Meanwhile, Eagles’ head of personnel Ed Marynowitz reports that Tebow has “improved,” as the debate about his signing rages on.

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