Five one-point games, a March Madness record. Two overtime games. A four-point game, two three-point games, and a two-point game. On the FIRST DAY. There was a buzzer-beater, a controversial ending that even a handful of NBA players couldn’t agree on, and a ten, an eleven, and TWO fourteen seeds won. This might have been the single best opening day of March Madness ever, and tomorrow holds even more exciting matchup. Iowa State, thought by many to be a sleeper Final Four contender, is out. We had a kid hit a game-winning three, virtually at the buzzer, prompting his dad to fall out of his chair in response in what’s sure to be a widely circulated gif. Oh yeah, that dad was also his coach. Who was hobbled by the postgame celebration of his son’s team in their conference championship game. You can’t make this stuff up! Is your team still alive? Who’s gonna win it all? Is anyone gonna knock out the Wildcats, or are you down with the Big Blue?

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This craziness starts up in just over nine hours, so we gotta get some sleep. Same time, same channels tomorrow! Make sure you’re stocked up in batteries for your remote control!

May the brackets bust in your favor,

The folks at FanCheer