The Duke Blue Devil wants to hear: are they a 1 seed?

With the conference championships and Selection Sunday closing in, talk of who’s getting the coveted 1 seeds is heating up. Kentucky remains battered but unbowed after a bunch of close calls, and is back on track with hearty blowouts. Many observers expected the no 18 Arkansas Razorbacks to test the Wildcats on Saturday, but instead they were buzz-sawed to the tune of 84-67. coach John Calipari has his team locking in just in time for the postseason! Meanwhile, second ranked UVA continues to hold serve despite battling the injury bug. They, too, had what looked like a testy matchup on Saturday: they went to visit the Virginia Tech Hokies, who had just taken no 4 Duke to overtime earlier in the week. The Cavaliers didn’t make it pretty, but they rarely do, and they handled the Hokies with a decisive 69-57 win. The Blue Devils keep showing they’re up to a challenge, surviving battle after battle. Their standout victory in recent days wasn’t the 91-86 overtime defeat of Virginia Tech but the February 18th 92-90 instant classic against North Carolina!

With the top two holding serve, it still looks like the last two spots are up for grabs. Despite their record, the Gonzaga Bulldogs weren’t necessarily regarded as a sure thing, manly because they don’t play in a ‘power conference.’ They didn’t help their case on Saturday, getting handled by BYU in a 73-70 game that was mostly under BYU control. This opens the door for teams like the Villanova Wildcats, who clobbered no. 25 Providence 89-61 earlier this week then handled a tough Xavier team 78-66. The Wildcats are guard-heavy and there are ways to beat them, but their strength of conference might be the deciding factor if it comes down to a virtual tie with them and the Zags. And the 5th-ranked Wisconsin Badges also went down on Saturday, though their 59-53 loss to no. 14 Maryland looks better than the Gonzaga defeat.

The final week of the regular season is just around the corner, and the conference tournaments will help build the final bracket. But the top seeds in each region are highly sought after in a year with a lot of strong teams at the top! It looks like there are two spots left for four or five teams to scrap for. Let us know your predictions, show your enthusiasm for your team and tell us why you think your squad deserves a top seed! Hit us up @Brackethead on Twitter, and you can also us #FanCrazy photos and make bold predictions on our Facebook wall. Of course, log into the FanCheer app if you really want to show your stuff and win cool prizes while you support your team! Let the madness begin!

May the brackets bust in your favor,

The folks at FanCheer