After another exciting NFL season, the biggest game of the year is upon us once again. In a rare occurrence, both top seeds will meet in the Super Bowl: the New England Patriots, taking their third crack at winning an Arizona-located Super Bowl, and the Seattle Seahawks, returning to defend last year’s title. Super Bowl XLIX will have many x-factors, but one of the biggest will be Seattle’s crazy fans—collectively known as The 12th Man.

The 12th Man is known, among many things, for making the Seahawks’ dome one of the loudest home arenas in professional sports. Their raging enthusiasm created the “Beast Quake,” in which their reaction to an epic touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch created actual seismic activity. And at last year’s Super Bowl, the 12th man trooped hard and deep all the way to East Rutherford, New Jersey, and at times made the Super Bowl feel like a Seattle home game. Fan noise, booming from behind the Broncos’ end zone, is widely thought to have helped cause the botched snap that put the Seahawks up 2-0 on the first play of the game. Seahawks home games are now watched for seismic activity in anticipation of another fan-driven quake. And the 12th Man now sports its own line of t-shirts and other schwag, along with numerous websites and Facebook pages devoted to its existence!

With this year’s Super Bowl in Arizona, it will be even easier for Seahawks fans to make it to the game’s site. Arizona Super Bowls already feel a bit hexed for the Patriots, who lost to the New York Giants the last two times the title game took place there (they’re otherwise 4-0 in Super Bowls in the Brady/Belichick era). Will The 12th Man have a short-circuiting effect on the Patriots’ offense at key intervals, as seemed to happen last year to the Broncos? Will the stadium be packed with Seahawks jerseys and “12” signs? Tweet us @BracketHead using the hashtag #FanCrazy and sound off. You can also send us fan photos, make bold predictions, and post photos to our Facebook wall.

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