Well, college football fans, we’re within 24 hours of knowing who wins this year’s Heisman Trophy. As the clock winds down, the discussions continue: who should win the award this year? Here’s what the folks at FanCheer think, listed in order of our selections.

Mariota seems like the Heisman favorite.

1. Marcus Mariota: QB, Oregon Ducks

Mariota is the front man for the second-ranked Ducks, winners of the Pac 12 and one of the four participants in the inaugural playoff. The 6’4”, 219lb junior is widely considered to be NFL-ready, and he led the third highest scoring offense in the nation. In 2014, Mariota put up this ridiculous stat line: 38 passing touchdowns and 14 rushing touchdowns, with only 2 interceptions and a 68.3 percent completion rate. He should be the frontrunner. 

2. Melvin Gordon: RB, Wisconsin Badgers

Gordon is the guy who broke LaDainian Tomlinson’s single-game rushing record this season, with a staggering 408 yards in just over three quarters against Nebraska (of course, his record only lasted a week, but we digress). He’s an electric gear-changer, but not too slight of build at 6;1” 207lbs. Gordon ran for 2,336 yards in 2014, with 26 rushing scores and an average of 7.6 yards per carry. His longest run was 88 yards. He didn’t catch a ton of passes, with only 17 receptions for 151 yards and 3 touchdowns, but he was clearly the Badgers’ engine on offense and a frequent source of highlights. 

3. Amari Cooper: WR, Alabama Crimson Tide

Cooper is an explosive downfield threat for the Tide, who set the SEC record for receptions in a season with 115. He totaled 1,656 receiving yards and 14 receiving touchdowns, and his longest catch of the year went for 80 yards. At 6’1”, 210, he’s a dynamic game-changer. He’s also the surprise winner of a Sports Illustrate poll in which 6,000 people entered their own Heisman choices…still, we don’t think it’ll go that way in the official vote.
When it’s all said and done, we think Mariota’s the clear choice, though all three are great candidates. Got your own breakdowns to share? Tweet us @BracketHead using the hashtag #FanCrazy and sound off with your predictions. You can also send us fan photos, make bold predictions, and post photos to our Facebook wall. And don’t forget to check in and follow us for a chance to win fun prizes!
May the brackets bust in your favor,

The folks at FanCheer